Starmid is an innovative donation and crowdfunding Ethereum Ethereum-based platform where you can not only support Creators and projects, but also earn.


The Starmid system is a direct analogy to a stock exchange. This is the place where Creators (bloggers, actors, musicians, popular social media users, and so on) act like companies on a common stock exchange: issuing and selling Stoks™*.

A usual donation service (e.g. Patreon).


At the moment, a famous person has only two ways to monetize their popularity: advertisement and donation, except for income from their main activity. Both of these ways have reputational limitations.

Before Starmid


Users begin to associate the advertised goods with the famous person, there is some responsibility for the quality of the advertised goods or services.
Donation is paid only by the most loyal fans. A request for donations is often perceived as a kind of begging.

Popularity as an asset
Attracting subscribers to buy his Stoks™*, a Creator is deprived of these limitations, they call only to invest in themselves and the buyers of their Stoks™ do not just donate money, but buy a kind of asset that can become more expensive in the future. This can attract even those who are not the Creator's fans.

For more information see How it works.

To buy or sell Creators' Stoks™:

1. Install Metamask and create a wallet.
Metamask wallet is a secure browser extension that allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser.

2. Buy Ethereum cryptocurrency.
Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. You can buy it on a huge number of exchanges around the world (here is the rating).

3. Choose a Creator.
On the Exchange page, find a suitable creator or select him/her from the list using filters.

4. Buy or sell his/her Stoks™.
You can submit a new order or execute (you can partially) an existing one.

To become a Producer (to add a new node to the system) see recommendations for Producers.


A real blockchain system
No deposits, no third parties, you
transfer funds directly to Creators.
Lowest fee
Only 2% + Ethereum net

The smart contract code is confirmed, transparent and verified.
No ICO and extra tokens
All transfers are done in the
popular cryptocurrency Ethereum.

The smart contract code is written
using secure programming patterns.
Starmid is made as a direct
analogy of a stock exchange.


How is Starmid different from other donation and crowdfunding systems?

In the Starmid system, Creators' fans do not just donate money, but they buy an asset — Stoks™, which can be sold later at a higher price.

Why should I buy Stoks™ and what can their cost be based on? When I buy shares of a company, I buy a part of this company, and what do I buy here?

You can earn in the Starmid system through the price growth of Stoks™. If a Creator becomes more popular and attracts more people to the system, the price of his Stoks™ grow. About the real value: when you buy shares in an oil company, you usually do not expect to get a part of the drilling rig, you want to sell these shares at a higher price. The same is true in the Starmid system. In financial terms, Stoks™ is a popularity CFD (Contract for Difference).

How safe is it and why should I trust this system?

Starmid was created on the blockchain platform Ethereum. Starmid is a smart contract loaded into the blockchain. It cannot be changed, forged, or deleted. The smart contract code is verified, it is freely available, everyone can examine it and make sure the fairness of the system. When buying Stoks™, you do not transfer money to a third party, there are no intermediaries in the system, you buy Stoks™ directly from Creator.

Why use blockchain? Why not just donate and buy Stoks™ for dollars?

Blockchain and specifically Ethereum Ethereum was created to solve problems with trust in systems. You do not have to trust the developers of the Starmid system to be sure of the fairness of the system. It is impossible to change, forge, or somehow affect the Starmid smart contract in the Ethereum system. Thus, anyone can be sure of the fairness of the system, having studied the smart contract.

You can see other frequently asked questions on the FAQ page.

*Stoks™ (Starmid tokens) here and further on the website mean digital entries in Starmid smart contracts that are not securities, and are not directly similar to stocks in properties and substance.