Frequently asked questions.


How is Starmid different from other donation and crowdfunding systems?

Is it possible to carry out crowdfunding of any projects on the Starmid platform?

Why use blockchain? Why not just donate and buy Stoks™ for dollars?

How can one invest in people? A Creator may get sick, leave the stage or sport and popularity is often fleeting, today it is, tomorrow it is not!

Why should I buy people’s Stoks™, how can I earn on this? 

Why should Creators participate in such a project? They are already rich!

How will this system be evolving, who will promote it and who can benefit from it? 


What is a node?

Why do we need Producers? Let Creators add nodes and issue their Stoks™ directly!

What if the Producer sent an invitation and disappeared, does not communicate, is blocked, etc.?

Why do we need to confirm the node and can I trust the confirmed node? 

What is external node confirmation? What to do if a Creator account is hacked and incorrect information is posted there?

Stoks™ and the exchange.

How many Stoks™ are issuing at emission?

How can I make an additional issue?

Can Stoks™ be recognized as securities?

How can a Creator understand what should be the capitalization of a node and assign a Stok™ price?

Why do we need to create a separate platform? Let Creators just issue their tokens using available tools! 

Why is it called Stoks™? How to understand the real cost of a Creator's account? How does it relate to reality in general, for when acquiring these Stoks™, I do not become the owner of an account share?

How to buy or sell Stoks™ of Starmid nodes? How to become a Producer or a Node owner?

Is it possible to going short in Starmid?

What fee is charged by Starmid for transactions? 


How safe is it and why should I trust this system?

Does this system violate anyone's rights; will the system participants not be prosecuted by law enforcement agencies? Is it legal in general?

How will social media owners react, won’t they actively counterwork to the system operation?

How to avoid fraudulent actions and what precautions should be taken when buying Stoks™ or adding nodes?