How to monetize popularity?

At the moment, a famous person has only two ways to monetize their popularity: advertisement and donation, except for income from their main activity. Both of these ways have reputational limitations. Starmid offers a brand-new way to monetize eliminating these limitations.

Before Starmid

Starmid platform

Users begin to associate the advertised goods with the famous person, there is some responsibility for the quality of the advertised goods or services.
Donation is paid only by the most loyal fans. A request for donations is often perceived as a kind of begging.

Popularity as an asset
Attracting subscribers to buy his Stoks™*, a Creator is deprived of these limitations, they call only to invest in themselves and the buyers of their Stoks™ do not just donate money, but buy a kind of asset that can become more expensive in the future. This can attract even those who are not the Creator's fans.

How it works

1. A producer adds a node to the system.

The Producer communicates with a Сreator and offers him participation in the system and his services. For his services, the Producer will receive part of the Stoks™ of the Creator. A Creator can also add his node; in this case, he becomes a producer of himself. You can add a node on the Exchange page.

2. A Creator creates a Metamask wallet.

The Creator sends his address (only public key!) to the Producer and the Producer adds it to the system.

3. The Creator writes a confirmation post.

The Creator whose social media account is tied to the node writes a post in which they confirm their address, Producer's address and Producer's percentage. The producer makes a confirmation with a link to this post on the node page.

4. Starmid confirms the node.

Starmid checks the information from the Сreator's post and, if everything is correct, confirms the node. Now on the Exchange page and on a page of the node everyone sees this node as confirmed. Everyone can verify the correctness of the information by clicking on the link to the post of the Creator.

5. The Producer issues Stoks™.

The Producer(or Creator) issues Stoks™ and gets their share of the Stoks™. The rest of the Stoks™ become the property of the Creator and are tied to their wallet. From this point on, the Сreator and the Producer can put Stoks™ for sale and attract their subscribers to buy them. How to buy or sell Stoks™ see on the main page.

*Stoks™ (Starmid tokens) here and further on the website mean digital entries in Starmid smart contracts that are not securities and are not directly similar to stocks in properties and substance.