How graphic design boost sales: Expert opinion in 2021

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Graphic designing or digital art, it is a wide term in general. Nowadays every online business is taking advantage of this to increase its sales by appealing customers. Not only online business, but graphic designing also contributes a huge part in offline businesses. By using the appropriate graphic designing tools and having a theme of the design, one creates the art you want for your business.
Through graphic design, you will create a unique brand identity for your business. The work does not stop there! Graphic design is required in every now and then till your business runs. It helps you to reach your goals, increase customers, and make a profit. If you are thinking about how that will happen, you have to keep on reading.
If you have zero or mere idea about Graphic design, then you can surf through several graphic design apps and graphic design websites to gain knowledge. At least do that before starting your business. However, to create design that would do the magic, you need to hire experts.

Types of Graphic design

As mentioned earlier, Graphic design is a huge field. It holds quite a lot of designing sectors. Some of them are highly responsive to run your business by finding customers in boosting sales. We are going to talk about a few of the graphic design sectors which are important in any type of business.

Logo Design

One of the main things, why your business exists, is Logo. The Logo design describes your business, it calls out the voice of your business. Have you ever seen different companies having the same logo? No right? Because the Logo holds and creates that sense of ‘uniqueness.’
The concept of logo design does not mean it has to hold the name of your business. It can be a symbol too. For example, we are all familiar with the NIKE, STARBUCKS, and IOS logo design, which are just mere symbols. Yet we get instantly connected when we see them.
These brands have established themselves so much that their logo speaks for themselves. They are still the best-seller for their customers. Have you ever wondered why? Logo catches the subconscious part of the human brain, so customers always remember you whenever they want to buy a product that your company sells.
A logo helps to grip the customers for you by repeating purchase and boosting sales. That is why your brand’s logo should clearly and precisely only speak about you. Hire an experienced designer to get a good catch of what you are asking for and design your logo the same way.
Remember: A business without a logo is like a human without a backbone.

Print Items

For boosting sales or eventually running your business, print items have contributed to the majority. If you are wondering how, then think of the sales posters, banners, etc.
Whenever you have a sale, you need a graphic design to reach to the customers and make them aware of it. When you have a discount going on, how will you let your customers know? By ringing their doorbells and informing them? No. You need to create related posters, banners, pamphlets with the help of graphic design tools.
These print items will help you boost sales when your customer will know about it and make a purchase. In other words, you use print items to give information to your customers. For example, if you own a restaurant business, you need to design a Menu card that is first designed in those tools and then printed or posted digitally.
You have to make sure the information in print items is not over elaborated and customers can find what they are looking for. This is how they will make a purchase.


For businesses, stationery will refer to business cards, templates, envelopes, diary, and many more. These stationaries must contain a visual of your business indirectly. For example, if you are making a stationary for real estate business, then those should have a design or image of houses to create an impression on the customers of what your business is about.
Having customized stationery for your business is crucial for customer repetition. When you hand over a business card or pamphlet to your customer with their purchase, they will feel needed. And that means, next time they will purchase from you.
While creating stationery for business solutions make sure you provide your contact details into it. This will be easier for your customers to make queries about any purchase. Also if you have a physical shop or office provide that. It will help you gain new customers from the old customers as they will refer to your product/ brand.
So, now you know how stationery can help to boost sales? Hire a designer, and instruct him to make your personalized stationery.


Did you know you can boost your sales through merchandise? And the t-shirt is one of them. No matter what business you own, if you have your customized merch collection that will do a great benefit to the business. Initially, it might seem a little costly, therefore this idea can be applied by a little established business.
For example, if you give offers such as buy two and get our t-shirt FREE, These kinds of slogans will help to boost sales. Remember, customers, love to get gifts. They feel wanted and that increases loyalty, so they will repeat the purchase.
Design your t-shirts uniquely, with your brand’s logo, image, or slogan into it. Several illustration experts can do that for you.
However, if you own a t-shirt brand, then coming up with unique illustrations and designs that will tell customers about your business will create a demand. This is how you can boost sales.

Social Media Content

In this era, social media plays a major role in business development and boosting sales. Social media has become the heart of every business with changing times, especially during the pandemic. Even post-pandemic, it will continue.
To establish your business through social media, you need the role of proper social media content. Content is a broad term that includes digital representation in social media. You market your products virtually to reach potential customers to increase sales.
To develop social media content you need graphic designing that’s for sure! The designer will develop the content for you, but the prospector idea should be of yours. You will tell the designer what you want in the content that will help you in increasing sales.
Social media content is not for one time, you need to keep updating your content with your business. This is how you will reach more customers. The contents should be informative to create demand and drive sales.


A clean UI/ UX design helps the customers to easily get into what they want. Especially, if you are an online business, and have an e-commerce site then you must make sure the user interface of your site is highly updated always. A business’s UI that is designed for the comfort of customer browsing is highly successful.
In a clean interface, customers can navigate faster, hence they can order faster and make a purchase. If your site keeps on buffering, it is evident that customers will come out of that site and probably never be there.
Also, make sure the UI/ UX design serves every device that customers navigate from. Sometimes it happens that sites hang on a lot on mobile devices. To make sure your e-commerce site serves your customers with the best experience, hire an experienced UI/ UX designer.
Provide the fastest call to action buttons, provide smart searches, and enable a smooth operating system. This will bring the customers again and again resulting in an increase in sales.

How do customers connect through Graphic Design?

  • Accurate Color combination: color or combination of colors plays an important part to attract customers. Suppose you are providing a ‘Christmas offer’ so in that case, a red and white color combo will create a sense of attachment to the customer. They will feel connected to the festival to purchase the product. Also, even if it’s for regular poster creation, always stay consistent with the color that matches your business logo. If you play with multiple colors for regular days, then the consumers will not feel connected with your brand.
  • Theme matching: For example, if Valentines’ day is approaching, your entire theme of contents should be of love. Giving a couple of offers, a couple of discounts shall benefit your sales. Themes are something that makes a customer believe you care about them. To create a design and match the theme of any festivity or occasion to outreach potential customers.
  • Informative poster design: Customers’ brain triggers these words faster than anything, such as discounts, coupons, offers, bundles, sales, customer loyalty cards. If you include these highlighted in your content designing, eventually you will drastically see the rise in sales. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what they will like in the content design. What kind of information will trigger at what time, and instruct your hired designer about that?
  • Audio-visual illustration: audio-visual graphic designing has a strong conveying power of your messages. A short clip of what your brand wishes for the customers, or of how the product will fix their problem, will trigger an instant demand directly into their brain. Thus they will make a purchase, increasing your sales. Make sure the clip is straightforward to point out why it is made. Adding extra visuals might divert the attention of the customers for what they came for. Also, the voice should be loud and clear. An erred and low voice creates a sense of disturbance, so the customers might not continue watching it.
  • Relatable animation for advertising: add relatable image illustration with your posters design, social media site cover photo, display picture, etc. Suppose if you are an accessory shop, put relevant images compatible with accessories so that customers instantly get an idea about your business. It can happen they might be searching for accessories, so if at first impression they don’t get the vibe that your business sells accessories, they will turn over. Also, if you are designing a mother’s day sale poster, put an illustration that represents your sale. Try to catch customer’s emotions with your images, in that way they will make a purchase.
  • Background change through clipping path: the first impression is the last impression, and there is no denial in that. Make sure the product that you are branding to sell has a nice, decent background. The background should not be too vibrant or else, it will take away the attention of the customers. It is always the best idea to keep the background white, it makes the product more eye-catchy.

You can tell this to the designer, and they will remove the original background by clipping the path and put the product picture in a neutral one.

  • Make product pictures more appealing with Photoshop: not only having a crisp background will make your product more appealing but a good-looking product image too. Let’s take an example like, T-shirt for photography. Even if your camera lighting is not good, or lacks vibrance, the designer can make the image more visually pleasurable by Photoshopping it slightly.

It will not change the color or natural tone of the product but enhance it. No customer would like to buy a dull and lifeless looking product, right?

Where and how to get Graphic Designers?

To get graphic designers nowadays is not a tough job. To get an experienced one you need to invest a lot of money. An amateur designer is capable of doing it at a low cost. But experienced designers have excellent design knowledge and skills to do exactly what you say. Even if you don’t have knowledge that much from a design perspective, an experienced designer will serve your purpose thoroughly making your money worth.
You can get graphic designers in different sectors through different freelancing sites, such as FREELANCER.COM, UPWORK, GURU.COM, People Per Hour, FIVVER. Even though there are many sites, these three sources are reliable considerably.
For example, if you want a logo design for real estate, or logo design for photography, or even logo design for a cafe, just search by these names. There are designers who even work on niches, such as logo design for food.
Similarly, there are designers who create social media content for sports & fitness, social media content for photography, or social media content for café. So, if you want in the Social Media niche, then search in the freelancing sites for this.

How much do they cost?

Since you are doing business, and want to increase sales. So think about this expenditure as an investment in your business. Eventually, if you hire an expert designer, they will cost more but the outcome will be best. If your sales are boosted with their design, then the cost will be covered there.
There should be separate financing for only Graphic Designing for your business.

What if you don’t have money to spend on graphic designers?

If you have time, you can also learn graphic design through numerous graphic design app and graphic design tools on the internet. However, learning from graphic design app and graphic design tools might also cost you a bit, and without proper mentoring, you might not learn much. But learning is much lower in cost than hiring.

Things to remember about Graphic Design sales-boosting

  • Do not be too extra with design- simplicity is the best: If the design overpowers your content, then it will shove away your customer base. For example, if you are doing a name design or logo design and put too vibrant colors and details into it, then this might look unprofessional. Even if you have too much design, that should at least mean a thing. Just think of the logo of Unilever, it is too saturated. But the entire concept of the logo is to show up all their brands. Their logo holds meaning, and customers go back to them again and again. Similarly, the name design should be simple, with simple and classic fonts. A clean name design is more liked by customers.
  • Do not give false acclamation just to attract customers: this is a must-follow rule. Don’t go over the board with your product description. It might temporarily boost your sales, but you will get a bad reputation if your product does not match with your feature. In the long run, you will start to lose customers. Also, keep your claims updated, if you have a discount for a certain period of time that might change later. So ask your designer to immediately redesign the content and update it in social media. To boost sales it is advisable not to put customers through harassment.
  • Do not put excessive information – In a sale poster, or banner of an important notice, do not fill it with words. The customers might miss out on the crucial part, just highlight or bold the important. This is highly advisable in print items that those should not be intricate at all!
  • Do not put defected posters or banners: if a banner comes defected during print, such as if some words are not visible, or an image is not visible, then just leave it. Ask your designer to make another one, or reconstruct the same one for you. It might require extra expenditure, but it will save your professionalism. Putting up defected and improper print items create a bad impression on the business.
  • Do not go crazy with colors, yes colors are great, but it is advisable to use 2 color combos for one design, whether it’s a poster design, name design, or Logo design. Create a design that can be soothing to your customers’ eyes so that they can read your information, rather than just scrolling down due to so much vibrancy. If your buyers can’t read what is inside your designed posters, or leaflets, then how will they buy it?
  • Proof-check before posting: this is the most important step to maintain, especially for social media content. Suppose if you are offering a discount of 50%, and the designer mistakes it for 70%, then it will be a huge difference. You cannot change it after posting, so you have to reduce the price by 70%. Please cross-check the designs, because mistakes can happen to humans!

Important tip:

  • Build your business website: website building is also a part of graphic design. Having a business website is something that can double your sales. How? Because when people want to buy a product, generally they search on Google. And Google ranks the highly rated websites in the search. So hire a website designer, ask them to build an SEO-friendly website that will run extremely smoothly. Then design and organize your website in such a way that customers find their needed product instantly. Do add a help option, where they can chat and seek help if they are facing a problem. And most importantly, add a buy now button that will help them purchase immediately without having to wait for conversations.
  • Final thought: Finally, now you know what role does Graphic design plays in your business. We are in that phase of the world, where businesses cannot run without this. Even long ago, there was graphic design to boost sales, to make customers aware of the brand. But now there is much more. This field has a high success rate in the future, which is why people are turning towards this profession. If you are planning for a startup or already running a business, then you must have benefitted from this article. You have known the proper use of graphic design to boost sales. After all, the end goal of every business is to make a profit out of sales. And, to establish themselves to become successful. So, why not put a little effort and finance into this potential sector of graphic design.

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