To producers.

Imagine that you have a 10% stake in Apple or Google or Amazon. Not bad, is it? But how do you understand which company will be successful in the future? Starmid offers a different approach: let's take something as successful and popular as the best and most expensive companies and issue their shares! What could it be? We believe that the most valuable things are people. So, let's issue their shares and invest in people! Sounds incredible? Only at first sight. Starmid offers a ready platform on which Creators can issue and sell their Stoks™*, and their fans and traders can earn on the difference of their rate or simply support their idol.

Any person can become a producer, for this you need to add a Creator's account to the system and get his/her agreement to participate in the system. Becoming a producer, you get a unique opportunity to get 5, 10, or 15% (the percentage is determined by the producer himself) of the Creator's Stoks™. The Creator is a person who has enormous influence and media capabilities who can attract a large number of subscribers to the system and raise the rate of his Stoks™. To become a producer:
  1. Choose a Creator you want to add. There may be several options for action. Most likely, the most famous Creators will be more difficult to attract to the system, but on the other hand, they have the greatest media capabilities. Adding them to the system and sending them invitations, most likely you will often receive refusals. More often than not, superstars will ignore invitations. But maybe they will join the system later and then you, as a Producer, will get the most valuable Stoks™. Another option is to add Creators who are more likely to participate in the system right now.
  2. Check if there is a Creator's account already in the system. To check whether there is an account in the system, in the top menu, in the search, enter the name or URL of the Creator's account in a social media. Note that a Creator can have accounts on various social media platforms, so he can have several nodes, but this is not recommended, because it can confuse potential buyers of Stoks™ and blur the price. It's best to add an account with the maximum number of subscribers and in a social media where the Creator is most active.
  3. Add the Creator's account to the system. Go to the Exchange page - Nodes - add a new node. In the window that appears, enter the URL of the account correctly, the address should be without “www”, extra spaces, and characters in the address. Keep in mind that the incorrectly entered address cannot be fixed and it will not be confirmed by Starmid when verified. Put your percentage of Stoks™ that you will get. We recommend no more than 15%. Etherium network takes a fee for all the recording operations in the blockchain. The value will depend on the price for gas at the moment. The operation of adding a node consumes about 150,000 gas, which at a normal gas price of 10 Gwei and an ETH price of about $500 costs less than $1 ($0.6-0.8).
  4. Send an invitation to the Creator. You may send a letter, recommended by the team. A text of the letter for Twitter is: "Hi, USERNAME, I'm one of the Starmid producers. Starmid is the platform on which Creators can issue their shares. I added your account to the system and I offer you to issue your personal shares. Website #Starmid #StarmidProducer". You can invite a Creator in different ways: in private messages or comments on Creator's posts. We recommend doing this not from your main account, in order to avoid its possible block. We recommend creating a special producer's account. Be prepared that not every Creator will immediately be interested in the project. Perhaps this will happen much later, as the popularity of the system increases.
  5. Answer Creators' questions, if they arise, or send them to our Telegram group, BitcoinTalk thread, or FAQ. Leave the contacts of your messenger account that you actively use and do not plan to change. Even if he/she immediately ignores your invitation, perhaps later, as the system becomes more known, he will want to participate in the system. Explain to Creators how to create a Metamask wallet.
  6. If the Creator agrees, add the address of their Ethereum wallet to the system. To do this, go to the Exchange page - My Account - Nodes, select the appropriate node - Node address, write the node address and click add. The operation of adding an address consumes approximately 80000 gas.
  7. Before the node address is added, the producer can change the percentage. This is possible so that during the negotiations with the Creator's producer could change the conditions if the Creator does not agree with the share of the producer. After adding an address, you can no longer change the percentage. Keep in mind that you cannot enter the percentage if you have not agreed it with the Creator, because when Starmid confirms the node, if the percentage is different from the percentage that the Creator agreed to, the node will not be confirmed.
  8. The Creator on social media whose account is tied to the node writes a post in which he confirms his address, Producer's address, and Producer's percentage. After adding the Eth-address of the node, make a confirmation with a link to the confirmation post of the Creator on the node page - Users' confirmations - Confirm. Starmid will check the information from the Сreator's post and, if everything is correct, confirms the node. Now on the Exchange page, and on a page of the node everyone sees this node as confirmed. Everyone can verify the correctness of the information by clicking on the link to the post of the Creator.
  9. After that, the producer can issue the Stoks™. To do this, go to the Exchange or Node page - My Account - Nodes, select the appropriate node - Issued/sold shares - Issue Stoks™. The producer gets his share of the Stoks™, they are transferred to his account.
  10. Add a Creator's group for easy searching. To do this, go to the Exchange page - My Account - Nodes, select the appropriate node - Add group, select the group and click add. You can add several groups.
  11. Now you can sell the Stoks™, or store them in your account.
You can distribute information about Starmid system and the Creators you are producing using your media capabilities, thus raising the price of the Stoks™ that you own.

*Stoks™ (Starmid tokens) here and further on the website mean digital entries in Starmid smart contracts that are not securities and are not directly similar to stocks in properties and substance.